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5 Powers That Prove All Mums Are Superheroes

5 powers that prove all mums are superheroes

Superheroes have been more than everywhere in recent times, with Hollywood churning out superhero films one after another; and more likely than not, you’ve seen at least one of them. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to call the Avengers when you’re in a rough spot, but another superhero may only be a call away!

Mums are the superheroes in our lives, and while they may not wear a colourful spandex costume, they are stronger than your average Superman! With Mother’s Day fast approaching, let’s celebrate and delve into the amazing powers that our mums have.


Super Intuition

Mums always seem to know everything, don’t they? That’s their super intuition at work, an instinct greater than Spiderman’s spider sense! Whether it’s correctly guessing that you’re up to no good or knowing that you’ve had a bad day as soon as you come home, their intuition let’s them lend a hand even if you don’t call for help.

Super Speed

Super speed is one of the most often used powers within a mother’s arsenal. Hear a glass shatter in the next room? Mums are first on deck to survey the crime scene. Kids forgot their lunch at home? Mum to the rescue. When the time calls, mums display a speed so quick that even the Flash takes notice.

Super Strength

You ever see mum walking around, baby in one arm, groceries in the other, and a heavy bag hanging from the shoulder? How does she do it? All mums possess a strength like no other, and while they all may not be built like Superman, mums are capable of amazing feats, especially when it’s to help you.

Super Intellect

Professor X, take a seat. I mean, take note. Mums are super smart, and they seem to have an answer for everything! Whether it’s math homework, resume building or how to get that wine stain out of your dress shirt, mums always have a solution or at the very least a piece of advice to give you.

Super Endurance

One of mum’s greatest powers is their incredible endurance. Mums show great endurance and their ability to stay up late looking after a sick child or a 3-hour cooking session for a coming family dinner are just some examples of that. Their endurance even encompasses their mental and emotional strength, with mums never giving up and their love being second to none.

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Featured Image: Supermum & H2coco ambassador Belinda Norton.

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