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Cocoespresso Coffee Coconut Water

Pure coconut water blended with real Robusta coffee

About Cocoespresso Coffee Coconut Water

Cocoespresso, brings together two of your favourite things; that much-needed coffee shot you love and crave and the excellent hydration that coconut water is famous for. Using the finest robusta coffee beans with pure H2coco coconut water, Cocoespresso is the ultimate in natural hydration and energy.

100% Natural
Pure Coconut Water + Real Robusta Coffee
Dairy Free & Lactose Free
Gluten Free & GMO Free
No Concentrates. No Preservatives

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Natural Energy + Hydration

Cocoespresso is a blend of H2coco Pure Coconut Water and a real shot of Robusta coffee. It’s dairy and lactose free, fat free, and has less sugar than typical iced coffee. You still get the dose of much-needed caffeine you crave while getting the natural hydration your body needs from the pure coconut water.

Cocoespresso is gluten free and vegan friendly. It’s also 100% natural with no preservatives, making it a more nutritious and healthier choice for your caffeine fix.

Coconut water and coffee might sound like an unusual combination, but it totally works and it tastes amazing! Using the finest Robusta coffee beans and pure coconut water, Cocoespresso is the ultimate hydrating and energising drink that makes the perfect substitute to your morning coffee with all the goodness your body needs.

Like pure coconut water, Robusta coffee also has a number of health benefits. Studies suggest that Robusta coffee has high levels of chlorogenic acid, which is an antioxidant that can help promote weight loss. So, if you’re looking for a healthier substitute to your morning coffee or a quick caffeine fix, look to Cocoespresso.

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