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  • How long does H2Coco Coconut Water stay fresh for after opening?

    We recommend refrigerating opened H2Coco Coconut Water and consuming within 3 days.

  • Is H2Coco Coconut Water pasteurised?

    H2Coco Coconut Water is flash pasteurised which kills micro-organisms and other bacterial fungus whilst preserving maximum natural flavour and nutrients. Read More

  • How does H2Coco Coconut Water have such a long shelf life?

    Along with flash pasteurisation, Tetra Pak cartons are used to protect the freshness of H2Coco whilst enabling a 12 month shelf life.
    Tetra Pak is an eco and socially responsible form of packaging which ensures food safety, product stability and is 100% recyclable.

  • Is H2Coco Kosher certified?

    Yes, H2Coco is Kosher certified by Kashrut Authority.

  • Is H2Coco Gluten free and vegan approved?

    Yes, H2Coco is naturally gluten free and vegan approved by The Vegan Society

  • Does your H2Coco Coconut Water contain any added sugars/preservatives?

    No, our entire range of Coconut Waters are 100% Natural and preservative free. We use natural fruit puree in our delicious Pineapple and Pomegranate and Acai flavours.

  • How much H2Coco Coconut Water should I drink?

    Depending on your height and weight, we recommend drinking no more than two to three cups per day.

  • How long does coconut oil stay fresh?

    Coconut Oil has a best before of 2 years, making it one of the longest lasting unrefined cooking oils available.

  • Where should I store my Coconut Oil?

    Where you store your coconut oil is dependant on preference. The coconut oil will liquefy at 25°. If you use it as a spread, it is best to keep it in a cool, dark place. You may also refrigerate coconut oil.

  • How much Coconut Oil should I consume each day?

    Most nutritionists recommend between two to three tablespoons per day

  • What is the difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and other oils?

    Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from high quality coconuts via pressing. It is then filtered and packed which results in an unrefined, pure product. Copra derived oils are made from sun or smoke dried flesh. This process results in a change of smell and colour which is rectified using bleach and unnatural additives.

  • How can Coconut Oil, which is a saturated fat, be good for me?

    H2Coco Coconut Oil is one of the richest plant sources of naturally occurring medium Chain Triglycerides. Although they are considered to be saturated fats, they are absorbed directly from the intestines to the liver, where they are burned as fuel for instant energy needs.

  • What does Cold Pressed mean and why is it good?

    Cold pressed oil is produced through pressing and grinding coconut flesh using presses. The process of grinding produces heat through friction however, the temperature does not rise above 49°. Cold pressed oils retain their flavour, aroma and nutritional value.

  • What can H2Coco Coconut Oil be used for?

    Coconut Oil is an extremely versatile product. See our articles on how to Eat, Drink, Feel, Spread and Cook Coconut Oil.

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