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How To Unlock A Mum’s Secret Superpower

How to Unlock a Mum’s Secret Superpower

Introducing the incredible Belinda Norton: single mum of two and founder of the wellness blog In this blog, she reveals how to unlock the superpowers all mums have.

I decided to ask my Mummy Gang, ‘What superpower do you wish you could have?”. This oft-asked question is usually answered with ‘invisibility!’ and oh yeah, do I hear that! We all want to run away and hide for a few hours or days sometimes, don’t we?

But these Mums answered, ‘I wish I had more speed or energy to keep going or to do more’. Oh dear, is it we women wanting to do more or is it more like we’re required to complete more?! Well guess what, we mums already have that superpower! It’s just a matter of finding it and unlocking it.


The good news is this power is found by fuelling ourselves correctly with super power foods that provide energy, give a clear mind and heighten immunity. We can also find increased brain function with mindset switches and food that does not force our bodies to overwork.

Unfortunately, we tend to find that bounce of energy by reaching for fast sugars. These sugars are like a temporary superpower, creating highs and lows and generating momentary energy rather than long-lasting energy.

The real superpower lies within my ‘Superfood Must Eats’ list below! Try and add these foods into your daily routine.  A swift 30-40min fitness routine also helps unlocks this superpower; invigorating and refocusing our mindset.

One of my top superpower foods is a nutritious and healthy green juice! It fuels me fast and helps me maintain high energy and health. I also use it to improve my immunity capabilities. As mums, many of us struggle to make juice at home especially in the morning before work. For me personally, it was becoming so much more difficult, even so with winter coming along. It was a tedious task; ensuring I had fresh produce, making my juice, cleaning the blender before grabbing school bags and zipping off to work. Some mornings would be so hectic and I’d have to forgo it, meaning the kids and I missed important nutrients.

Luckily, I found H2coco’s brand new Supergreens, a ready-made ‘home juice’ with no preservatives or added sugars!  It’s also packed full of nutritious and delicious ingredients. Personally, my favourite ingredients are spirulina (which is a plant protein that provides amino acids, magnesium, zinc, calcium and vitamins A, E and K) and chlorophyll (which provide detoxification and healing properties to our bodies). These supplements can not be created by our body on its own but are essential for our health. I’m buzzing with excitement about this versatile drink that is going to seriously improve quality of life of my family.

It’s time to really ‘Unleash Your Inner Superhero’ and realise that no matter the challenge, you can keep pushing and help the family complete the endless list of necessary tasks while sporting a smile on your face.


  1. Blueberries on your breakfast granola or oats.
  2. Almonds to snack on.
  3. Green tea to kick start your metabolism.
  4. A green juice like H2coco Supergreens to improve vitality and immune function.
  5. Broccoli for lunch or dinner (paired with a lean protein like chicken).

Add these to your food lifestyle today and see vast improvement in energy and mood. Superpower Unlocked!

Check out Belinda’s website here and follow her on Instagram at @belinda.n.x

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