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Pineapple Coconut Water

Pure coconut water blended with real pineapple

About Pineapple Coconut Water

Naturally fruity, with just the right hint of sweetness to capture flavour without the guilt, H2coco Pineapple Coconut Water is every bit as refreshing as its name suggests. Whether you’re a little kid or a big one, a single sip and you’ll find yourself in tropical heaven!

100% Natural
Pure Coconut Water + Real Pineapple
Dairy Free & Lactose Free
Gluten Free & GMO Free
No Concentrates. No Preservatives

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Take your tastebuds to the tropics!

Take your tastebuds to the tropics and experience the taste of summer vibes all year long with H2coco Pineapple.

This all natural tropical treat is free from added sugar, preservatives and additives. It’s also naturally gluten free, fat free, lactose and dairy free. If you thought it couldn’t be any more natural, H2coco Pineapple is made from real coconuts and real pineapples, not from concentrate. There’s no doubt that H2coco Pineapple is a better-for-you substitute to most fruit juices that are filled with processed sugar.

H2coco Pineapple combines the hydrating properties and health benefits of pure coconut water with the punchy flavour of pineapple. Both pure coconut water and pineapple juice are packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that support hydration, aid with digestion and help with overall well-being.

It’s great to drink on its own or you can blend H2coco Pineapple into your smoothies to add a bit of a pineapple party to your day.

For pineapple smoothie ideas and other recipes visit our Real Taste section.

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