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Cocochoc Chocolate Coconut Water

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Cocochoc is delightfully smooth and tasty, combining the hydrating benefits of pure coconut water with the delicious sweetness of natural cocoa powder. The result is a guilt-free alternative to one of Australia’s most loved drinks. It’s iced chocolate…with a conscience!

Do yourself a favour and buy Cocochoc now, readily available in boxes of 12 x 330mL and 12 x 1L!

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We all need a chocolatey pick-me-up every now and then. But for some of us, we don’t want to consume the nasties present in chocolate milk drinks. Good news! H2coco has combined pure coconut water and natural cocoa to create a deliciously sweet drink that you don’t have to feel bad about drinking!

It’s dairy, lactose and fat free, and also gluten free and vegan friendly. We also opted for natural cocoa powder for its low sugar and low fat content, and its high antioxidant content. The result is a drink that has 30% less sugar than typical chocolate milk drinks!

Throw in the fact that it’s 100% natural with no preservatives, and you have a more nutritious and healthier choice for your chocolate fix. Can’t get better than that!

Enjoy Cocochoc on its own or use it to sweeten up your daily smoothies and add a little bit of chocolatey goodness to your day.

Buy Cocochoc today, you deserve it!

For coconut water recipe ideas including our guilt free chocolate smoothie visit our Real Taste section.

100% Natural | Natural Cocoa Powder | GMO Free | Gluten Free | No Preservatives | Lactose/Dairy Free | Naturally Fat Free | Vegan Friendly

300 mL Cocochoc  
Servings per Package: 1
Serving Size: 330 mL
Average QuantityPer ServingPer 100ml
Energy465 kJ141 kJ
Protein1.3 g0.4 g
Gluten0 mg0 mg
Dietary Fibre2.3 g0.7 g
Fat, Total<0.1 g<0.1 g
- Saturated<0.1 g<0.1 g
- Trans<0.1 g<0.1 g
- Polyunsaturated<0.1 g<0.1 g
- Monounsaturated<0.1 g<0.1 g
Carbohydrate25.1 g7.6 g
- Sugars23.1 g7 g
- Lactose<0.5 g<0.5 g
- Galactose<0.5 g<0.5 g
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg
Sodium53 mg16 mg
Potassium475 mg144 mg
Ingredients70% Coconut Water, Natural Cocoa Powder, Natural Cocoa Flavour, Natural Cane Sugar, Filtered Water

Where can I buy Chocolate Coconut Water in Australia?

  • If you’re wondering where to buy H2coco Cocochoc in Australia, you can find it at your nearest Wooloworths, Coles, Caltex, and IGA. For the full list of our stockists, please visit this page.

Where can I buy Chocolate Coconut Water outside Australia?

  • H2coco is also available overseas through a number of leading international retailers. For a full list of our international stockists, please visit this page.

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