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Sydney & Melbourne’s Best Spring Hiking Trails

Sydney & Melbourne’s Best Spring Hiking Trails

Bust out the boots, pack some protein bars and fill up those water bottles, because we’re going hiking! Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only is it a good way to get some exercise, but it’s super fun and you’ll leave with an insta-worthy photo or two!

Now that you’re all amped up for the hike, the only thing left to do is actually find a trail for you to tackle! And that’s where we come in: we’ve got both Sydney’s and Melbourne’s best hiking trails, so keep reading and pick your path!


Bouddi National Park

Located a stone’s throw from Gosford, the Bouddi Coastal Walk is popular for it’s sweeping coastal views, enchanting rainforests and inviting picnic spots. The trail stretches for 8km and you’ll be walking on boardwalks: crashing waves on one side and luscious forest on the other. It’s a sensory wonderland for both your eyes and ears, and with the trail being relatively easy, you won’t be drenched in sweat during the walk!

The Tahmoor Gorge Walk isn’t really a secret; everyone and their mum seems to have walked this walk. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve it’s place on this list: it’s truly an amazing hike. Located roughly an hour and a half southwest from Sydney, this hike is a nature-lover’s dream and culminates in the beautiful Mermaid Pools. A bit of a warning though, the hike is not an easy one, so make sure you pack a full bottle of water and a first-aid kit just in case!!

Karloo Walking Track

Don’t want to go too far to enjoy your hike? The Royal National Park’s Karloo Walking Track is a 5km trail which is perfect if you’re looking to get a quick nature fix! The track leads you past several Instagrammable locations, such as Karloo Pool, the Whaleback Rock Outcrops and Uloola Turrets. You’re even rewarded with the jaw-dropping Uloola Falls, where you can enjoy a well-deserved lunch next to the amazing view.


Toorongo Falls

Melbourne has it’s fair share of amazing hiking trails, and if you’re looking for a nice ‘beginner’ trail, try Toorongo Falls Circuit Walk in Noojee. Just because the walk is only 2.2km long doesn’t mean it’s dull or boring – in fact, quite the opposite! You’ll be surrounded in lush bushland and the epic Toorongo Falls awaits you at the end of the track. If you’ve still got a bit of energy left in you, you can walk a little more further to get to Amphitheatre Falls – an equally epic waterfall.

Fancy yourself to be more of a beach person than a bush person? Then the Bushrangers Bay Walking Trail is the path for you! Located an hours drive from Melbourne in the Mornington Peninsula, the trail is a stunning coastal adventure, with amazing waterside views lasting for all of the path’s 6.2kms. Take in the views of Cape Schanck and it’s lighthouse, listen to the cawing of the birds and try to spot a kangaroo as you pass through it’s grassy clearings!

Werribee Gorge Circuit

For more seasoned hikers, the Werribee Gorge Circuit will give you the hiking challenge you’re looking for. Located just an hour’s drive north of Melbourne, this trail packs all the goodness of a hike into one solid circuit. Steep hills, even steeper descents, river crossings, rock hopping, wildlife spotting, you name it, the Werribee Gorge Circuit has it!

There is no shortage of hiking trails in both Sydney and Melbourne, so grab your H2coco, pack your bag and get started on this weekend’s adventure!!

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