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Why Does H2coco Use Tetra Pak?

Why does H2coco Use Tetra Pak?

H2coco coconut water products are packaged in Tetra Pak to ensure freshness and guarantee a 12-month shelf life. Tetra Paks enable us to keep the coconut water in all H2coco drinks at its freshest, which is essential for top quality taste. Tetra Pak is also environmentally conscious and BPA free – elements important to H2coco.  

How It Works

Tetra Pak has developed a range of packages that protect both the nutritional value and taste of the contents inside.

H2coco products are packaged into Tetra Pak Aseptic packaging. We opted for this packaging because Tetra Pak’s innovative aseptic processing technologies enable H2coco’s all-natural coconut water products to retain their colour, flavour and nutritional value for up to 12 months.  

Aseptic processing allows H2coco to achieve sterility with our coconut water through what is called flash-heating pasteurisation. We use this process because it is a natural food preservation method that uses less energy and retains a lot more nutrients from the coconut water than other conventional sterilisation techniques.

With flash-heating pasteurisation, the high temperatures (around 91 to 146 degrees Celsius) at which the coconut water is filled and packaged will not permit bacterial growth, allowing H2coco products to stay safe and extend their shelf life for up to 12 months without the need for preservatives (as long as the packages are not opened).    

No Preservatives Needed 

Tetra Pak aseptic processing technologies allow H2coco’s 100% natural products to remain safe, fresh and flavourful for up to 12 months, without the need for any preservatives.

Tetra Pak’s aseptic process ensures that both the beverage and the packaging are free from any harmful bacteria when products are being pasteurised and packaged.

Natural products are increasing in popularity in the food and beverage industry as consumers seek out products that do not contain any artificial flavours, nasty ingredients, preservatives and other additives.

Tetra Pak Aseptic processing technologies give H2coco the opportunity to answer consumer demands for healthier beverages that are minimally processed and contain no preservatives  but maintain utmost quality in taste and food safety.


Tetra Pak is a completely recyclable packaging. All of Tetra Pak’s aseptic carton packages are made of renewable materials and recyclable paperboard.

Tetra Aseptic packaging is made mainly from paper, which according to Tetra Pak is a “renewable source and is available with Forest Stewardship Council certified packaging material, to ensure that the wood fibre is sourced from responsibly managed forests.”


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